Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Twice the Pleasure, 8 pages more the pain

Twice the Pleasure, 8 pages more the pain


Back to comics...DC officially released the final covers to the last issue of For Tomorrow today. Slated to come out mid-April, there are two covers and 8 additional interior pages. The image above are the two covers placed side by side. Draw a line vertically down the middle of the image and you can see where one cover ends and the other begins. This was a complicated piece to pull off, more so because I was relying on Alex Sinclair to do a lot of the separation of the elements all in color and photoshop.

The inspiration for this diptych was actually all the great George Perez covers of yore where he had layers of big figures superimposed on a sea of smaller figures all of which were laid out on multiple layers. I took that approach because like the last Hush #12 covers, I wanted to have the final covers of For Tomorrow reflect all the different elements of the story thus far--a reflection of the entire arc, and George was simply one of the best at doing that kind of imagery. Sometimes it's good to think out of the box and approach a cover or an assignment with a different mindset.

After I did the piece, Alex and I spoke and I gave him a handful of notes via email but this piece is presented in all his glory. I think it's the best Superman, perhaps the best DC cover of mine that he has colored. Think of all the different elements and how they are separated by color, value and hue and how translucence and opacity help organize the composition. In the end, I wanted to create a cover which could be viewed as separate covers (left and right) but also form together to make a bigger (duh) more impactful statement. Alex deserves to take a bow on this one, folks.

Here is a slightly bigger shot of it. Now for those of you who hate multiple covers, I have my thoughts on that but will save them perhaps for the day this book actually ships. It's a whole 'nother can o' beans. For now, check out the boo--tee--full colors by Color Masta Sinc.'

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