Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Ninja Boy prelude...

Ninja Boy prelude...


So with the idea of doing a weekly strip came the great idea of doing two weekly strips! That's right, although this one will be more bi-weekly. However, to respark interest in what is something very near and dear to my heart, I have decided to do a weekly Ninja Boy strip! The above page is actually taken from the begining of series 2, a story which takes place five years after the first entitled, "The Age of the Dragon." The strip on the other hand will take place just before the first series. It will involve his brothers Jimichi, and Ogori, and his everwise Grandfather. I know everyone's first question is, whattabout Sake? Well he hasn't showed up yet at this stage of the story, but expect even more fun loving characters to appear. Also I'm planning it to be full color. For those not familiar with Ninja Boy, the book is now in trade format and is quite easy to locate. All in all, I just want to keep these characters going even if it is for free, there are many stories to be told. Look for the first installment sometime next week, and a new Canyon strip later this week. :)

"easy..." PSHOO!PSHOO!

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