Friday, March 11, 2005

Sketch of the Week, Numero Tredici

Sketch of the Week, Numero Tredici


Using this occasion for a few reality checks:

1--Thank you all for your support --Gelatometti has really come to be a part of our days here at the studio. That said, unfortunately, I cannot give individual critiques of work through email. I get too many of these and there simply isn't enough time in the day to do them all justice. I am late enough on the work I have on my plate and while this blog is a lot of fun to be a part of, I have limited my time on it to about an hour a day. But don't stop drawing simply cause I can't take a peek! Cream always finds its level and once your work starts kicking into gear, it's simply a matter of time before you get your first assignment.

My advice is to join the Gelatocafe--RicH is spearheading that and posts there as well and it's turned out to be a great support network for aspiring artists.

2--I am a n00bie when it comes to counting traffic, especially in regard to RSS and atom-enabled feeds. I assume if someone is reading the site through such a feed, we don't get credit for the 'hit' or do we? If not, for all you lurkers checking the blog via feed--hit this link ( back to our site just for today (Friday) --so my puny sitemeter can get a sense of how many of you are out there. Again, we love doing the blog and it has been steadily growing in popularity but there will come a day when we have to take a hard look at the energy spent vs the the number of people we are reaching.

3--Fantasy Gelatometti Publisher--the online rotisserie game where you can pick creators to create a fantasy publishing company and compete against other braggarts is about to start. Well, at least the Beta...will keep posted about its progress but it may go live this summer. Chuck H. from KC has done a phenomenal job at coding it and creating all the this has truly been a labor of love.

4--More video is on the way, once some major deadlines are out of the way. It's a matter of editing what we have and that takes time, especially on the time budget we have imposed on ourselves.

5--My GelatoIronChef competition is in the works...just waiting to arrange a time.

6--Oh and here is a closer look at the Wolverine sketch I did to raise Euros for the Tsunami victims at the store signing I did at Reggio Comics (link here).

Be well...

EDITED: Comments were not they should be.

Oh, and one more final thing--while Frank Miller and I will be working together on Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, I am not in his employ as a a secretary so please don't ask me to contact him on your behalf--thank you. This has been a public service announcement = D

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